Charts as at 1st April 2018


1. PALLADIUM PRICE — Switched to NO Arrow Dominant
2. COPPER PRICE — Switched to NO Arrow Dominant
3. INDIAN STOCKS — Switched to NO Arrow Dominant
4. AUSSIE ALL ORDS INDEX — Switched to NO Arrow Dominant
5. BITCOIN INDEX ($NYXBT) — Switched to DOWN Arrow Dominant


NOTE — RED ARROWS INDICATE BOOM PRICE PULSE DOMINANCE in the present moment (as indicated by the date of the chart and taking into account the 3 year time frame shown).  The charts are now arranged in PRICE PULSE RED ARROW DOMINANCE.    NOTE: All Charts are WEEKLY Charts over the last 3 YEARS time frame.  Arrows indicate PAST price action (not future).  No predictions are implied from past action.

Comments refer to past PRICE PULSE (Red Arrow DOMINANCE) over the last 3 years, the week ended 1st April 2018.  You can RIGHT CLICK a chart and OPEN in a New Tab.   Make your own conclusions, do your own research. BOOM does not offer investment advice. 

PLEASE NOTE — Many charts are ETF’s from NY Market  (not the base commodity or currency etc). The NY Stock Code is in the Top Left Hand Corner of each chart.
Charts are produced from

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Comments refer to PAST price action.
Arrows indicate PAST price action (not future)

1. PALLADIUM PRICE — Switched to NO Arrow Dominant


2. COPPER PRICE — Switched to NO Arrow Dominant


3. INDIAN STOCKS — Switched to NO Arrow Dominant


4. AUSSIE ALL ORDS INDEX — Switched to NO Arrow Dominant


5. BITCOIN INDEX ($NYXBT) — Switched to DOWN Arrow Dominant


Disclaimer: All content is presented for educational and/or entertainment purposes only. Under no circumstances should it be mistaken for professional investment advice, nor is it at all intended to be taken as such. The commentary and other contents simply reflect the opinion of the authors alone on the current and future status of the markets and various economies. It is subject to error and change without notice.The presence of a link to a website does not indicate approval or endorsement of that web site or any services, products, or opinions that may be offered by them.

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