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Welcome to the WordPress Blog for BOOMFinanceandEconomics.com

BOOM Finance & Economics Magazine is dedicated to revealing the financial & economic truth.

Such truth is difficult to find from politicians (they just promise more “growth” and more spending), bankers (they just offer more & more debt), journalists (they seem to know their jobs are under threat) and most economists (who seem deeply confused even about the simple matter of how money is created).

BOOM has global coverage and is aimed at investors, economists, politics & economics students, bankers, politicians, lobbyists, activists and anybody else who wants to see a more stable economic future.

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Check back every week for the Update (Mondays at GMT + 16 hrs) and flip through the Archives.

The word BOOM has many meanings. It can mean different things in different settings. That ambiguity is intriguing. Economies are said to BOOM and explosions/collapses are said to BOOM.

Take your pick.  

BOOM is dedicated to changing the world of finance & economics for the better while always being mindful of ethics and consequence.  To assist in this aim, BOOM strongly recommends you read IDEA economics (the Institute for Dynamic Economic Analysis) and ISIPE (International Student Initiative for Pluralism in Economics). However, please note that BOOM is independent of these two organizations.






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